Okay, this is going to get serious.

August 15, 2010 kookiebamf

I haven’t actually been on my blog since I made it! I come back just to check it out, and I see I decided to make myself look like a n00b. Wonderful. I’m making the commitment right now, to finish this entry, and get it over with. I’m listening to youtube musicians at the moment…but thats beside the point. I just got back from camp yesterday. It’s like I swallowed disappointment pills by tuesday. The counselors were fascinating, especially because the majority of them don’t live around here. One was from Austria, another from england, ect. They were so close with each other, though, that they didn’t seem to connect with us at all, which is a big part of this camp for me. The counselors are like big brothers and sisters. This was not the case. They were super sisterly to each other, though, which was interesting and almost downright unprofessional. Also, amazingly funny. This was all at a horse camp, too, so obviously I had to fall off my horse on wednesday. Right after that my two favorite counselors left because of family issues, and by thursday morning all the campers were starting to get edgy and pissed from lack of sleep.”

That probably made absolutely no sense to anyone out there. It’s nice to get off my chest, anyways. I’m quitting here.


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